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本文摘要:Nokias deal to sell its mobile phone business to Microsoft is not the first time a break-up of the Finnish group had been discussed. 诺基亚(Nokia)达成协议向微软公司(Microsoft)出售自己的手机业务,并不是这家芬兰企业首次辩论拆分。


Nokias deal to sell its mobile phone business to Microsoft is not the first time a break-up of the Finnish group had been discussed. 诺基亚(Nokia)达成协议向微软公司(Microsoft)出售自己的手机业务,并不是这家芬兰企业首次辩论拆分。In 1991, Ericsson, the Swedish telecoms equipment maker, proposed a takeover of Nokia, exploiting its rivals weakness after the suicide of its chief executive. However, the deal collapsed as Ericsson wanted to split up Nokia and not buy the consumer electronics arm. 1991年,瑞典电信设备制造商爱立信(Ericsson)曾向诺基亚收到并购契约,企图利用后者在首席执行官自杀身亡后陷于的薄弱。但这项交易最后没能达成协议,因为爱立信期望将诺基亚拆分,并且不愿并购消费电子部门。

A decade later, it was ruing its decision as the Finnish group became the worlds biggest maker of mobile phones while Ericsson struggled in the consumer market. 十年后,爱立信对自己当年的要求感到愧疚,因为诺基亚那时已沦为全球规模仅次于的手机生产商,而爱立信则在消费者市场挣扎绝望。Now the roles are reversed. Nokia this week has plumped to follow in its Swedish rivals footsteps by jettisoning its consumer devices and focusing instead on telecoms equipment after a big strategic debate. 现在双方的处境再次发生了反败为胜。

诺基亚在经历了一场根本性战略辩论之后,上周要求追随爱立信的脚步,舍弃自己的消费者产品部门,转而专心于电信设备。The move breathes new life into the fiercest rivalry in European technology. The two companies have continually looked across the Gulf of Bothnia – the waters dividing Sweden and Finland – to check what the other was doing. 此举再次转录了欧洲科技行业对付最白热化的一对竞争关系。这两家公司仍然隔着瑞典和芬兰之间的波的尼亚湾(Gulf of Bothnia)互相身旁,看对方在做到些什么。

“We always kept a close eye on Ericsson and what they were up to. Of course, we moved a long way ahead of them in mobiles and I guess they followed us closely,” says a former Nokia executive. 诺基亚一名前高管回应:“我们仍然在紧密注目爱立信的动向,以及他们的业务规划。当然,我们在手机领域相比之下领先于爱立信,我猜中他们在紧随我们的步伐。” Ericsson has reaped the dividends of turning its back on the consumer sector with its shares up by a quarter in the past five years; even after Tuesdays 34 per cent jump, Nokias shares are still down 71 per cent over the same period. 爱立信退出消费者产品市场的要求早已接到了效益,该公司股价在过去五年里下跌了25%;而即使在周二上涨34%以后,诺基亚在同期内的股价跌幅依然超过了71%。

The Swedish company got out of mobile phones in 2011 when it sold its stake in the Sony Ericsson joint venture back to the Japanese group. Analysts say that it has become a more boring but reliable company. 爱立信于2011年解散了手机市场,当时该公司将其在合资企业索尼-爱立信(Sony Ericsson)所所持股权出售给了索尼。分析师认为,此举使爱立信沦为了一家无趣但可信的企业。That is something that Nokia would like to emulate. “Its true they have had a more exciting past,” says Risto Siilasmaa, Nokias chairman and acting chief executive. 而这正是诺基亚期望效仿的策略。诺基亚董事长兼任临时首席执行官里斯托斯拉斯玛(Risto Siilasmaa)回应:“爱立信的发展历程显然更为激动人心。

” He adds that the board has yet to discuss in detail the prospects for the new Nokia. “We honestly havent travelled down that strategic path yet. So much attention has gone to devices and services and its future,” he says. 斯拉斯玛补足称之为,董事会仍未细心辩论过新的诺基亚的发展前景。他回应:“老实说道,我们还并未辩论过那方面的战略发展方向。

目前为止大量精力都集中于设备和服务业务及其未来。” NSN, Nokias telecoms equipment business, has gone through its own brutal journey. It has shed 17,000 workers in a deep restructuring in the past few years and is now Nokias only profitable business as well as its biggest by sales. 诺基亚的电信设备业务——诺基亚西门子通信(全称NSN)已完成了艰苦的调整过程。